Saturday, July 01, 2006

July 1st

June is over, I can finally relax and play some poker! It was really nice having a house full, it is also very nice having a quiet house. I've always liked extremes and going from 11 people down to 3 was a nice contrast. It was really fun to see all the kids playing and having a ball (now I know how people with 6 kids do it, "kids, go out and play!!!!" Rob and I tried to play a few SNGs without success. I think our strategies don't play nicely together. Got to set up a "home game," let me know what day and time is good for ya.

For the last week of June, I really tried to establish my summer poker routine. At first, I was really tired after 600 hands, but as the week wore on I can see how I could put in 1K hands if I get a little more comfortable with 3 or 4 tables going at once. I was really happy with my emotional stability, I took some bad beats, made some bad plays, but was able to recognize tilt early and do what was necessary to get back my focus. Not a fantastic week or month monetary but not bad either, I'll take it!

PokerTracker stats (for $50NL):
Total hands: 5,482
Net: $439.40
PTBB/100 hands: 8.01
win rate per 100hands: $8.01

Total stats:
117 table hours
81.7 real hours
8.9 bb/hour

bonuses are flowing, I have lots of freeroll tourneys, it should be a good month

I have to make enough to pay for my trip to jax bch in August. should be a blast, yearly reunion of degenerates!! hey rob, you gonna stake me in the big game???? LOL