Thursday, June 01, 2006

May was great, Hope I run this well during the summer!

May was a great Month. I am hitting all my goals and feeling pretty good. We shall see how long it will last.

May totals:
122.1 Table Hours
95.5 Real Hours
9.4 BB/hr
Total Bonuses: aprox. $175
Bankroll: $1800

The way it finished was great. I won a $500 freeroll for $150 to close out the Month!

Goals for June:
June will be a very busy month. We have a lot going on and school will be over on June 22nd. I would like to keep up the pace as far as hours go. Even if I drop off a little in the middle of the month because of all that is going on, I will have the last week to play full time.

I just deposited at 66poker (a B2B site) and will get a $600 bonus for putting in about 120 table hours. I will have to do this in 30 days, so I may be sweating a little at the end of the month. I will also have to play in EUROs which mean that 50NL will convert to approx $67 NL, which is over 25 buy ins. Looking for a 1K month!!

I’ve been thinking about what has to happen for me to become a pro within 2 years. I would have to have a great 2 years, but here is how it could work (no these numbers are not impossible, just on the optimistic side)
June 1st 1800 bankroll, playing 50NL, 5k hands, 20 bb/100 hands, $500 + 700 bonus
July 1st 3K bankroll, playing 100NL, 25K hands, 18 bb/100 hands, $4.5K + 1k bonus (1k to bills, 1K to savings)
Aug 1st 6.5K bankroll, playing 100NL and some 200NL, 25K hands, 18 bb/100 hands, 4.5K + 500 bonus (cutting back on bonus) (1K to bills 1K savings)
Sept. 1st 10 K bankroll, playing 200NL, 8K hands (start back to work) 15bb/100 hands, 2.4K plus 600 bonus (1k to bills 1k to savings)
Continues for school year
July 1st 2007 bankroll 20K (savings 10K) playing 400NL, 25K hands, 10 bb/100 hands,
10K per month (2k bills, savings)
Sept. 1 2007 bankroll 36K (savings 14K) play throughout the school year 8K hands a month 3.2K month (1k to bills 1k to savings)
July 1 2008 bankroll 46K (savings 24K)
Win at least one tourney and I’m there.



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