Wednesday, June 14, 2006

hav·oc (hăv'ək) : Disorder or chaos

Rather than try to force things in June, I'm just going to let it flow. There is too much going on in June for me. I'm afraid if I try to do too much, the only thing that will happen is a downswing.

I played enough Ring Games on last week to make sure I qualified for the Sunday, Monday and Wednesday freerolls. Actually was up pretty good, best hand was when someone went all in when I had Aces in the Big Blind. Bad move AK.

Last night played 2 SNGs, came in 6th and 1st. Up approximately $170 for June so far. Most likely I will not play much till the last week in June when I'm done with teaching and everyone is gone. It will be weird going from having 5 adults and 5 kids in the house to just Jacob, Karin and I.

Did an excel chart with my conservative, middle of the road and optimistic goals. I'll add my actual #s each month so I can see where I am at.


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