Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The journey begins (again)

Added up all the money I have on neteller and poker sites. Total came to $1196.5. I have about $90 on Full Tilt, which will be my official drunk roll. I also have a good bit spread out on different sites for the Bluff Poker Tour. I lost a $10 SNG on Full Contact Poker, lost a little more playing 25NL on Bodog. So we will say I have a starting bankroll of $1000. I will be playing a $10 MTT on Full Contact Poker tonight and one on Full Tilt tomorrow that I will not be subtracting from the bankroll, so that 1k should be about right. I will be multi tabling 25NL and taking shots at 50NL. When I get to 1250 bankroll I’ll switch to multi tabling 50NL.

The Journey begins:

Bankroll: 1K

Get to 1250 as fast as possible to multi-table 50NL
September 1st Bankroll 3K – multi 100NL savings 1K (take out 500 mo)
January 1, 2007 – Bankroll 3.5K multi 100NL savings 2K (take out 1k mo)
July 1, 2007 – Bankroll 7K, start taking shots at 200NL
September 1, 2007 – Bankroll 10K, multi-table 200NL
September 1, 2008 – Bankroll 50K, 100K savings, Multi-table 400 NL for a living


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