Monday, May 08, 2006

First Week on a two year journey to becoming a Pro!

Off to a good start!

My first week has been a success. I did not get as many hours in as I wanted, but I really concentrated on quality. I feel very comfortable in ring games again. I was a little rusty at first, having played SNGs and MMT tourneys for 90% of play over the last year. Played a little weak tight at first, but I wanted to get use to laying down hands. Kicked up the aggression when needed and broke into a grove. Played some 50NL, mostly 2 tabled 25NL, tried a little short hand 10NL and won a $10 SNG.

$ 121.06 -- Table Hours 13.1 – Real Hours 9.8 Hourly Rate -- $ 12.32

I broke even in my drunken play(not included in stats.) I am starting to work off some bonuses, they work off lots faster in cash games. Life is good.

One funny story from yesterday: Went to the lake yesterday to visit family and friends, always a good time!!! So I am quite toasty when I get home. I fire up VIP poker, which I had money on to try and qualify for the WSOP through the Bluff Poker Tour (which I have since given up on.) I have a little over $30 on there, and I wanted to get it to $50 so I could cash out. Start a $5 SNG, come in 2nd. Not quite enough, and I see a $10 Pot Limit Omaha High/Low SNG game coming up, so I join. Now I’m doing quite well with 7 people left and I am 2nd in chips. As a mid-size pot goes to my opponent, I'm thinking I should have had the low for a split pot. OH SHIT! It’s not H/L. LOL I’m playing the wrong game, and doing pretty well. Hahaha went out in 4th… GG me… try again tomorrow.

Put my standard deviation, win rate, and risk of ruin (1%) into a calculator for 50NL(over 250 hours.) Bankroll should be $999.29. I may start to multi table 50NL, if I don’t go on a downswing.

This week I plan to play at least 2 real hours a day and at least 3 table hours a day.


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