Monday, May 22, 2006

3rd Week - I hate Party Poker

Well once again I go to Party Poker to BonusWhore and end up losing. Party is rigged. Not really, I just can't seem to lay down a hand on there, I don't know why. Lost about $100 chasing a $75 bonus. Thank goodness I was up at other sites and ended up down only a little over $2 for the week. With the $75 bonus from Party and clearing another $10 at FCP, my bankroll still managed to grow for the week.

All goals met this week. I will try to keep the same pace as far as hours go. Working off a $50 bonus at EuroBet (PokerRoom skin.) I also signed up for Rakeback with them. (Let me know if you need rakeback at a site, I can hook you up and get a small bonus for myself.) Hopefully I can finish the $50 before the end of the month. It would be great to have at least 1.5K in my bankroll by June 1st, that would put be 3 weeks ahead of my goal.

Monday, May 15, 2006

2nd Week

Well the 2nd week went about as well as the first. Hit both goals for the week (avg. at least 2 hours a day with at least 1 hour of multi-tabling and making enough to have the bankroll for $50NL multi-table)

This week I plan to up the hours a little, especially multi-tabling 25NL and 50NL. I am still not totally confident at the 50NL playing more than one table. I have been doing pretty well at 50NL on Bodog, so when I deposited with PartyPoker ($75 bonus) I jumped right in to the 50NL with 2 tables. I was up a little when I took a bad beat, guy’s 2 outer hit on the river after getting all in on the turn. It started to affect me a little emotionally even though on the mental level I knew I played well. So I took a walk and when I came back I dropped down to 25NL and got most of what I lost back.

Hope the rest of the month goes as well as the first half:

May 15th
Total won: $249.07
Table Hours 43
Real Hours 32.7

Monday, May 08, 2006

First Week on a two year journey to becoming a Pro!

Off to a good start!

My first week has been a success. I did not get as many hours in as I wanted, but I really concentrated on quality. I feel very comfortable in ring games again. I was a little rusty at first, having played SNGs and MMT tourneys for 90% of play over the last year. Played a little weak tight at first, but I wanted to get use to laying down hands. Kicked up the aggression when needed and broke into a grove. Played some 50NL, mostly 2 tabled 25NL, tried a little short hand 10NL and won a $10 SNG.

$ 121.06 -- Table Hours 13.1 – Real Hours 9.8 Hourly Rate -- $ 12.32

I broke even in my drunken play(not included in stats.) I am starting to work off some bonuses, they work off lots faster in cash games. Life is good.

One funny story from yesterday: Went to the lake yesterday to visit family and friends, always a good time!!! So I am quite toasty when I get home. I fire up VIP poker, which I had money on to try and qualify for the WSOP through the Bluff Poker Tour (which I have since given up on.) I have a little over $30 on there, and I wanted to get it to $50 so I could cash out. Start a $5 SNG, come in 2nd. Not quite enough, and I see a $10 Pot Limit Omaha High/Low SNG game coming up, so I join. Now I’m doing quite well with 7 people left and I am 2nd in chips. As a mid-size pot goes to my opponent, I'm thinking I should have had the low for a split pot. OH SHIT! It’s not H/L. LOL I’m playing the wrong game, and doing pretty well. Hahaha went out in 4th… GG me… try again tomorrow.

Put my standard deviation, win rate, and risk of ruin (1%) into a calculator for 50NL(over 250 hours.) Bankroll should be $999.29. I may start to multi table 50NL, if I don’t go on a downswing.

This week I plan to play at least 2 real hours a day and at least 3 table hours a day.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The journey begins (again)

Added up all the money I have on neteller and poker sites. Total came to $1196.5. I have about $90 on Full Tilt, which will be my official drunk roll. I also have a good bit spread out on different sites for the Bluff Poker Tour. I lost a $10 SNG on Full Contact Poker, lost a little more playing 25NL on Bodog. So we will say I have a starting bankroll of $1000. I will be playing a $10 MTT on Full Contact Poker tonight and one on Full Tilt tomorrow that I will not be subtracting from the bankroll, so that 1k should be about right. I will be multi tabling 25NL and taking shots at 50NL. When I get to 1250 bankroll I’ll switch to multi tabling 50NL.

The Journey begins:

Bankroll: 1K

Get to 1250 as fast as possible to multi-table 50NL
September 1st Bankroll 3K – multi 100NL savings 1K (take out 500 mo)
January 1, 2007 – Bankroll 3.5K multi 100NL savings 2K (take out 1k mo)
July 1, 2007 – Bankroll 7K, start taking shots at 200NL
September 1, 2007 – Bankroll 10K, multi-table 200NL
September 1, 2008 – Bankroll 50K, 100K savings, Multi-table 400 NL for a living

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Another Shot

So it has been over a year since I decided to give up the dream of becoming a poker pro. Well it did not go away. I've learned a lot and have decided to give it a shot. This time I will be realistic about this. I figure it will take 2 years of playing part time to build up the bank roll necessary to become a pro. I would need a bankroll of at least 50K and at least 100K in savings. So you can see that 2 years might even be a tad optimistic.

Anyway I made a post yeasterday at about my part-time plan:

Hi Everyone!

It has been awhile since I have posted here. I took a downturn last year when I jumped up to 100NL, realized I was playing scared, gave up my dream up turning pro, and started just playing for fun. I cashed out most of my bankroll and just played a lot of $5 SNGs and low buy in tourneys.

I have built my bankroll up to over 1K since then and am thinking of going back to cash games with the intention of poker becoming a solid part-time job. I would be interested in the forum members’ comments to my plan. I am a solid winning player at almost every game I have tried (all low limits,) with over 20,000 hands at 50NL making around 10bb/hour. I have been playing 25NL lately and making a little while reorienting myself to cash games.

I am a teacher, so from June 22 through September, I will be able to devote a lot of time and energy at poker. By June 22nd I would like to have $1500 to be fully bankrolled for $50NL. I plan to 2-3 table this for at least 25-30 hours a week with the intention of having a 3K bankroll by the beginning of September. I really need a solid $500 added to our monthly budget to cover lifestyle expenses. I will not use poker money for necessities of life.

I have done a lot of thinking and here are my major leaks and how I plan to address them.

Playing week tight – I have to have a large bankroll. I need a minimum of 3K to play 100NL and would need 10K before moving up to 200NL

Drinking – Last summer I started playing more recreationally and having some beers while playing became the norm. I need to cut back a little anyway, so no more drinking and playing cash games. I will have a separate site with $100 to play $5 SNGs if I want to have some beers. This will be above the 25-30 hours that are for serious play.

Attention Span – My attention span is really not there sometimes, especially in cash games. Two weeks ago, my Dr. diagnosed me with ADD and prescribed Adderall, and it does help. I will also not watch TV while playing my cash games. I also will limit my multi-table sessions to 45-60 minutes at a time. If it’s a good table, I will sit out for 10 minutes every hour to give myself a break.

Optimistic goal for 2007: Bankroll at least 3.5K with 2K in savings, able to cash out 1K a month. This will allow for a downswing and still have 2 months of income to draw from. This will be my part-time job.

So does this sound like a realistic plan? Has anyone else had a problem with the psychological aspects of downswings in NL and is a larger bankroll a good solution? Since I will be playing during the morning and afternoon this summer (east coast,) what is the best network for daytime play?