Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The month of February is over. I feel like I have gotten off to a great start. I started this project on January 28th, so it has been 32 days of record keeping.

Here you can see that my hourly rate is just above $5 hour. I have not figured out the exact #s, but with bonus money I put that rate at about $8 hour. Better than delivering pizzas for extra dough……….

Almost 90 real hours of playing with total winnings of over $500. With bonus money, around $750. I have to take some money out to help out with bills, but even after that my bankroll is up!!! I would like to get my bankroll up to $2000 very soon so I can move up in limits to increase my hourly rate (really looking forward to the Party $100 No Limit table.) Still on target for $25 hour by end of summer.


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