Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Still on Track

Doing pretty good. Cashed out $500 to my bank account. That means I have added a net total of $1100 to the family budget by playing poker. For the last 3 months, I have added $500 a month and been able to maintain my bankroll. I would of course like to increase my bankroll to $2000 so that I can move up. I think once I do that I should be able to jump from $6/hr to around $10/hr. Maybe not in April, but I will be disappointed if I don't do it by the end of May.

Month Win/Loss
Jan '05 $ 60.80
Feb '05 $ 450.01
Mar '05 $ 464.75
Totals: $ 975.56

Two more days in March, maybe I can get up to $500 for March and $1000 total. Remeber these figures do not include bonus money.

For anyone reading this that wants to make money playing poker, spend the $55 dollars and get Pokertracker. It is an absolutly wonderfull product. If you download the free add on GameTime+, it will actually display the stats for other players in real time (well at least on Party.)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Got to love this game. Well to follow up "This game is easy" -------


After my best week ever, I had my worst week ever. But it's kind of funny, it all evened out. After a week of $25 hour poker and then a week of -10 hour, I'm now back to my $6/hr standard. This is pretty much where it should be for the limits I'm playing.

Anyway here are the totals as of Tuesday morning 3/22/05

Total: 848.74
Table Hours: 187.6
Real Hours: 138.2
BB/hr: 14.3
$/hr: 6.14

And of course add approx. $3/hr in bonus money. Still beats delivering pizza!

Highlights of the week: Playing 5/10 shorthanded NL with Rob (deffinently a different style of poker, I tried a little of the shorthanded at levels i'm use too, blinds are way too fast for my super tight style of play. Also played a 5+.5 tourny with Derek saturday night, derek got 8th i got 5th,,,,, the perfect cap to a over $150 down day.

Monday, March 07, 2005

This Game is Easy

Yeah I know, don't get too excited. It's just one week, but it was my best week ever. I won almost as much money in the last 7 days as I did in the whole month of Feburary. $422.01 in 18 hours add to that about $110 in bonus money. Not a bad hourly rate, over $25 hour.

Moved up limits. I'm now playing the $1/$2 No Limit Game at PokerRoom, which is really the equivelent of .50/$1 blinds NL or $100 max buy in NL. I'm well within the 10X to 20X bankroll rule. Hopefully I won't hit a real bad lossing streak for a while. I would really like to get my bankroll up to 2k as soon as possible so I can start to eye the $200 game.

I havn't totally given up on limit. I only played one session of $1/$2 limit and won like 20. I just make so much more playing NL. Yeah I have some $50 down swings, but I also have $100 up swings!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The month of February is over. I feel like I have gotten off to a great start. I started this project on January 28th, so it has been 32 days of record keeping.

Here you can see that my hourly rate is just above $5 hour. I have not figured out the exact #s, but with bonus money I put that rate at about $8 hour. Better than delivering pizzas for extra dough……….

Almost 90 real hours of playing with total winnings of over $500. With bonus money, around $750. I have to take some money out to help out with bills, but even after that my bankroll is up!!! I would like to get my bankroll up to $2000 very soon so I can move up in limits to increase my hourly rate (really looking forward to the Party $100 No Limit table.) Still on target for $25 hour by end of summer.