Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Had a break even weekend. Kinda disappointing considering there are usually a lot of recreational players on the weekend. It would have been a down weekend except for the following "mistake":

I have been trying to work on my limit game. Limit is considered to be a much better money maker at the higher limits than No Limit. This is mainly because of varience, you don't undergo the massive swings that can happen at the No Limit tables. Of course the best game to make money at is the game you are best in. I would like to learn to play as many games as possible so that I can then pick the best game based on the table not my skill. Anyway back to Limit. So I was going to sit at a $1/2 Limit table with $100. I mistakenly sat down at a No Limit table. I relized this after I payed the big blind, so I was going to fold my next hand and just attribute the $2 to a learning experience ( I did not want to risk almost 10% of my bankroll.) So what pops up.... pocket aces, that's right American Airlines, Pocket Rockets, guess I have to play. It was good for a $30 pot and I'm out of there.

Yeasterday, Monday, was a good day. Would have been better but I spent $11 on a Sit and Go and was busted out when I called an ALL IN with pocket Kings, my oppentant pocket Queens,, very nice I get to double up,,,, WHAT!!!!!! a Q on the turn..... FUCK YOU!!!!! oh well that's poker.

Bankroll: $1174.05
Hourly: $5.75

One thing I do not include in these totals is bonus money. Most Online Poker sites give a sign up bonus, plus from time to time reload bonuses. These can pay anywhere from $2 to $5 hour in an of themselves. I do not include them in my calculations because I want to see how much I am actually winning from my poker playing, not bonuses. But as you can imagine it does add up.

My plan is to set a montly goal. Anything I make above that goal (including bonuses money) goes into the household budget. So at the end of Feburary, anything I have over $1600 goes into the bank account.


At 12:32 PM, Blogger derek said...

off topic a little, but i've gotta say it: this blog MUST have spell check. i've never seen john write more than a paragraph without a dozen typos... ;-)

ok, and on topic: watching WPT lastnight on the travel channel, i could easily picture john sitting at the table. i think he probably would have won. damn john, hurry up. 1st place won like 1.3 mil.

At 8:08 AM, Blogger JT said...

It does have spell check, but I do not use it, cause everytime I hit the button, nothing happens. Maybe I should try in IE, sometimes there are features that do not work in Firefox.

I saw that WPT as well. I think I could hang with the pros, that is until they take all my money. :) One day, One day, One day I'll be there!


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