Thursday, February 24, 2005

I'm streaky

"It's not about winning pots, it's about winning money"

There's a book a want to read:

Zen and the Art of Poker

and here's why:

Took some rough beats, made some bad decisions and my bankroll was down. At the same time, realization that much of what I made this month will not go into my bankroll, but must come out to help with finances. This is where I was at after a nice vacation with my sister in Virgina.


That's right, when I'm down what should I do?????
Play more!!!!!!!!

Played for 5 real hours yeasterday, some of those hours I was playing more than one table. For the day I was up almost $100.

I'm a good poker player, I win money in the long run. I don't go on tilt that much and when I do I quit playing for a while (even if it's 15 minutes, it gives me time to focus.) This is what I have to tell myself when my Aces get cracked, when my set loses to a higher set. Play more hands!!!!!

Poker is not a bunch of small games, it's one big game. I can take a snapshot of how I'm doing at any given time, but that's all it is: a snap shot.

Feb. 24th
Best Win Streak$ 111.00
Worst Losing Streak$ -63.18
Gross Winnings$ 986.54
Gross Losses$ -628.83
Net Win/Loss$ 357.71

Real Hours: 72.8
Table Hours: 94.5
Hourly: $4.92


At 4:59 PM, Blogger derek said...

speaking of poker books - did you read doyle's entire book? it's a friggin monster. i'm about 100 pages into it (out of 600).

and on a side note, rob is coming out from FL this wknd - we're heading up to lake tahoe. we'll prolly find some hold'em tables in reno. harrah's is the shit - sammy hagar has his cantina "Tahoe Wabo" - bomber margaritas.

so hey, during all these hours of computer poker, do you keep an IM session alive? what service/name, if so?

At 12:04 AM, Blogger derek said...

oh, another thought - can we lurk while you're playing (ie: watch anonymously) - or is it just players that can watch?

At 8:38 AM, Blogger JT said...

You can most deffinetly watch. I'll send you some referer emails, so that if you do decide to put some real money in, I'll get a bonus for refering you.:)


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