Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Day 4

Well not a great day yesterday for making money but I did have a cool experience. Sat down at a $10+1 sit and go on the new site Poker Mountain. The two main pros backing this site are Daniel Negreanu and TJ Cloutier. If you watch poker on TV you most likly know who these two guys are.
So anyway guess who sits down at the table???? TJ!!!! Very cool. I know now I most likly will not win, but what an experience. Did ok at first, then was knocked down by someone hitting their draw vs. my top pair. So I'm just waiting for a place to go all in. I was in BB for about 1/2 my stack when TJ raises me all in:


Anyway I had A10 I of course call all in, TJ flips over Q 10... Yea I've got him....... and of course a Q comes on the turn knocking me out in 7th. Oh well It's my first time playing against one of the best to play the game.



At 8:06 PM, Blogger kartay said...

That is very cool, and i was equally impressed by your screenshot you added for visual effects. Maybe next time you sit down with TJ will be at the WSP....


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