Thursday, February 24, 2005

I'm streaky

"It's not about winning pots, it's about winning money"

There's a book a want to read:

Zen and the Art of Poker

and here's why:

Took some rough beats, made some bad decisions and my bankroll was down. At the same time, realization that much of what I made this month will not go into my bankroll, but must come out to help with finances. This is where I was at after a nice vacation with my sister in Virgina.


That's right, when I'm down what should I do?????
Play more!!!!!!!!

Played for 5 real hours yeasterday, some of those hours I was playing more than one table. For the day I was up almost $100.

I'm a good poker player, I win money in the long run. I don't go on tilt that much and when I do I quit playing for a while (even if it's 15 minutes, it gives me time to focus.) This is what I have to tell myself when my Aces get cracked, when my set loses to a higher set. Play more hands!!!!!

Poker is not a bunch of small games, it's one big game. I can take a snapshot of how I'm doing at any given time, but that's all it is: a snap shot.

Feb. 24th
Best Win Streak$ 111.00
Worst Losing Streak$ -63.18
Gross Winnings$ 986.54
Gross Losses$ -628.83
Net Win/Loss$ 357.71

Real Hours: 72.8
Table Hours: 94.5
Hourly: $4.92

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Halfway through Feburary

Well, I learned a lesson yeasterday. Do not play poker when tired, sick and unfocused. I was not going to play much, but since yeasterday was the 14th and I was almost at the halfway point towards my goal, I thought I would just play a session or two and get my winnings up over $300. Not to be, but It does tell me something about how tough it is to count on poker for income. When it is just for fun, all the presure is off. With just the presure of meeting a goal making me play when i should not, what will happen when we are counting of poker for income???? Just something I need to keep in mind.

Feb. 14th
Bankroll: $1,285.60
Hourly Rate: $5.73

I like the hourly rate here. For the limits I'm playing, not too bad.

In other news, my career is moving forward. I will be working for the Director of Instruction here in the New Britain School District. I will have two main functions, working with the District Cooridator of Math coaching and providing a resourse for teachers in aligning the Math curriculum with the Riverdeep Learning Mangement System. I will also assist the District Cooridator of Technology with several intitives. Karin's carreer however is in flux. You can read about it on her blog:

KarTay Diem

If I could just have a regular income from poker to help her out that would be cool (for now.)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Had a break even weekend. Kinda disappointing considering there are usually a lot of recreational players on the weekend. It would have been a down weekend except for the following "mistake":

I have been trying to work on my limit game. Limit is considered to be a much better money maker at the higher limits than No Limit. This is mainly because of varience, you don't undergo the massive swings that can happen at the No Limit tables. Of course the best game to make money at is the game you are best in. I would like to learn to play as many games as possible so that I can then pick the best game based on the table not my skill. Anyway back to Limit. So I was going to sit at a $1/2 Limit table with $100. I mistakenly sat down at a No Limit table. I relized this after I payed the big blind, so I was going to fold my next hand and just attribute the $2 to a learning experience ( I did not want to risk almost 10% of my bankroll.) So what pops up.... pocket aces, that's right American Airlines, Pocket Rockets, guess I have to play. It was good for a $30 pot and I'm out of there.

Yeasterday, Monday, was a good day. Would have been better but I spent $11 on a Sit and Go and was busted out when I called an ALL IN with pocket Kings, my oppentant pocket Queens,, very nice I get to double up,,,, WHAT!!!!!! a Q on the turn..... FUCK YOU!!!!! oh well that's poker.

Bankroll: $1174.05
Hourly: $5.75

One thing I do not include in these totals is bonus money. Most Online Poker sites give a sign up bonus, plus from time to time reload bonuses. These can pay anywhere from $2 to $5 hour in an of themselves. I do not include them in my calculations because I want to see how much I am actually winning from my poker playing, not bonuses. But as you can imagine it does add up.

My plan is to set a montly goal. Anything I make above that goal (including bonuses money) goes into the household budget. So at the end of Feburary, anything I have over $1600 goes into the bank account.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Week 1 Results

Week 1 is over. I feel like I am off to a decent start. Let's take a look at the totals.

Hourly Rate

On target!
Table hours just over 2o, real hours just under 20 due to some multi-tabling.

Goals for the month of Feburary.

average of 20 real hours per week and 30 table hours.

Drunk account does not look good. Down to 9.85. But that is mostly due to not placing in the money at last nights tourny. I came in 4th, yeah top 3 paid. But it was a great time by all and the competition was stiff. Most of these guys consistatly make money and its a friendly game with people showing cards and giving advise. If you are intrested in making money playing poker this site is a must read.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Day 4

Well not a great day yesterday for making money but I did have a cool experience. Sat down at a $10+1 sit and go on the new site Poker Mountain. The two main pros backing this site are Daniel Negreanu and TJ Cloutier. If you watch poker on TV you most likly know who these two guys are.
So anyway guess who sits down at the table???? TJ!!!! Very cool. I know now I most likly will not win, but what an experience. Did ok at first, then was knocked down by someone hitting their draw vs. my top pair. So I'm just waiting for a place to go all in. I was in BB for about 1/2 my stack when TJ raises me all in:

Anyway I had A10 I of course call all in, TJ flips over Q 10... Yea I've got him....... and of course a Q comes on the turn knocking me out in 7th. Oh well It's my first time playing against one of the best to play the game.