Monday, January 31, 2005

Day 3

Yesterday I posted a comment to Day 2. Did this to test the comment function and to update everyone on Saturday night Drunk Poker

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Yesterday, Sunday, was a beutiful day. Went snowboarding with Sarah, she is doing great. Ok on to Poker: Went I got home I started playing NL at Absolute Poker to finish working off a bonus. Was up the first two sessions but lost on the third do to one stupid play. UTG (Under the Gun) I have AQ off, usually a raise to get the limpers out, but for some reason I limp in. Of course flop comes Q T 8. I fire off a pot size raise, and get one caller. Turn is a 2. Fire off a 1/2 pot raise of around $5, guy calls. Ok, I'm thinking that hopefully this guy has something like Q J or even lower kicker, no way this guy is calling these raises with a straight draw. River is a 6. I fire off $5, he raises all in, means I have to put 6.50 more in to call. Being pot committed I call. I know whats coming,,,,,,, 9 7 off. Fucking asshole made terriable decsions on the flop and turn and gets paid off, but most of my anger is for myself. I should have raised preflop.

So anyway I was up 2.60 total and I also worked off my bonus at Absolute and cashed out. I'll play UB and Poker Moutain this week and take advantage of Paridise Poker's super bowl bonus this weekend.

Placed 2nd in another $5 sit and go while drinkin so my drinkin bankroll is doing fine. Watched Highroller the Stu Unger story on STarz, it was really good. Pleasantly surprised.


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Well...We are entering the Blog World of Cyberspace! I will link to these Blogs from our website. I guess this is where I will go to keep up with what you are doing at night!!!


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