Saturday, January 29, 2005

Day 2

Well today was a good day. Can't say the same about last night. Did alright in a no limit game I played after posting yeasterday.

2005-01-28 4:38pmabsolute pokerLong $0.25-0.50NL$$ 10.41
bought in for $40 the $7 is winnings, .7 hours played, 20.8 BB/hr (remeber this is different in NL than Limit) $10.41/hr rate

I then started drinking. :) Anyway played a $2 sit and go. I think I came in 7th, my aces got busted. So I kept drinking and played some other stuff and lost as well.... total like $15. So I'm not liking the idea of almost always starting down after a night of drinking ( I do have enough discpline to play the really micro limit stuff.) So I have decided to start a seperate bankroll for drinkin and playin. Also all money made from freerolls go into this fund. If it goes to zero, I'm stuck to freerolls till I win one (could be a while when your up against 500 - 1500 other people) Anyway my drinkin bankroll stands at: $21.15.... we will see how that works!

Summary from day 1
Limit: + $1.10
No Limit: + $7.00
Tournament: -$2.25

Total: + $5.85

Bankroll: $1,005.85
Drunk Bankroll: $21.15

2.7 hours (does not count drunk playin)

Ok on to Day 2.

Sorry no hand histories today... Well I had one of my best sessions and best days today. Not the absolute best but very close!

2005-01-29 11:33amabsolute pokerLong $0.25-0.50NL$ 53.451.21.288.2$ 44.10

Not too bad, $40 buy in left with $93.45. Got to love people who will call off their stack with top pair high kicker. (This is one thing I am trying not to do anymore. Someone puts me all in or pot committed and all I have is top pair high kicker, I'm out. Maybe I'll get bluffed sometimes, but I will not lose as much in the long run and that's what is all about. Now top pair with a draw to an A high flush, that's a different story.)

Took a break and went to limit

2005-01-29 1:10pmUltimate BetLong $0.50-1$ 3.701.11.13.3$ 3.29

ok moved up to .50/1. If I keep winning it's on to $1/2. Should be able to avarage 1.5 BB per hour min. That's why I want to hit 5/10. That would be $15 hour. Play 2 tables and I should pull in $25/hr which is what I make right now. Nice. Back to reality.

Another No Limit game:

2005-01-29 2:53pmabsolute pokerLong $0.25-0.50NL$ 21.751.11.138.0$ 19.01

People are being really nice to me at the No Limit tables. :)

One more Limit game:

2005-01-29 4:11pmUltimate BetLong $0.50-1$ 6.950.40.417.2$ 17.18

That works. Maybe I'll try $1/2 tommorrow.

Summary Day 2:
No Limit: + $75.20
Limit: + $ 10.65
Time: 3.8 hours

Nice! I'll be giving different kinds of totals and stats in the coming days. I keep track of too many to list everyday.

Well I have a beer in my hand. I'll let you know how my drunk bankroll does tomorrow.


At 9:45 AM, Blogger JT said...

Ok, this is a test of comments. See how it works. Give some info on last nights play.

I played a couple of large freerolls (1500 players shooting for a prize pool of $50, $10 for 1st $5 for 2-9) Never got cards, busted out of I think 3 around 600, and once like on the 2nd hand.

Went to my drunk account, played a little 5cent/10cent limit, lost about .75. Played a $5 + .50 sit and go, came in 2nd... woo hoo... pays 13.50. Then lost a little more playing penny no limit.

Drunk Bankroll Ballance: $26.46

At 4:04 AM, Blogger derek said...

holy cow man, this is too good. i'm reading this way after you intinially wrote it, but it's now making everything more clear. i'm really excited to go through this post by post and see the battle between your desire to do good, and your desire to drink a beer. hehehhehe. i know what would end up in my hand! :-)


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